bureauvandereng believes in a modern urbanism in which

traditional borders between urban en rural landscape aren’t relevant anymore. Complex networks and systems interacting with each other determine the level of scale. This complexity is the starting point for working on the future. Opportunities for a sustainable (living) environment can be found in unraveling the complexity and the translation of it towards realistic goals

and definite plans.

Bureauvandereng aims for a sustainable area development

based on qualities of the area itself. The bureau stands for well observing the area and its context and looking for the most optimal use of the local amenities and qualities. Strengthen strong elements and deal with weak ones. Hereby not only spatial and programmatic matters are important but also the social ones- the people and the connection between them.

The blueprint for an ultimate urban system doesn’t exist. The designs and visions of Bureauvandereng are characterized by their holistic view and connection to the (future) context. They give clear direction to transformation or change. bureauvandereng develops realistic designs and plans that appeal to decision makers and connect to stakeholders. bureauvandereng believes that tailormade visions and designs are necessary to achieve support for the implementation of the proposals.

Existing frameworks and boundaries are challenged by operating beyond them and thinking outside the box. bureauvandereng always focusses on solutions, and not in limitations,because there is always a solution. It just takes courage to take a different view.

Tom van der Eng,

Amsterdam, january 2014


February 2014

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September 2018

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